We are a company based on the essence of values ​​that define who and what we are. We value respect for everyone, truth, transparency, legality and consistency between speech and practice.

  • We call upon all stakeholders, employees, business partners, service providers and society to help us maintain the highest level of integrity in relationships and operations. When finding or suspecting a situation that violates the values and principles of our Code of Conduct and Ethics, we request that you inform us about what happened as soon as possible through our reporting channels available in this space.

  • When reporting the occurrence, make sure that the information is true, try to inform the name, position and workplace of the accused so that we can accurately investigate the complaint. We emphasize that Três Irmãos does not tolerate false or misleading information with the intention of harming people or business. Therefore, be consistent with the truth when reporting the complaint, always act in good faith and contribute to a better world for everyone.

  • If you wish to receive feedback on the investigation and treatment of the complaint, we ask that you identify yourself, or if you prefer, you can remain anonymous.

Make your report

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