1200 Containers exported per year

The company’s history began in 1971 with a small family carpentry that produced wagons, but soon expanded its vision and started the production of furniture for the Brazilian market, officially creating Três Irmãos industry.

The search for challenges and growth has always been part of the founder’s DNA, which meant that in 1991 Três Trmãos began its export activities, becoming in 2017 the largest furniture exporter in Brazil, position that remains until today. Currently, the company exports around 1200 containers per year and has partnerships with more than 20 global brands on 5 continents, focusing on the American and European markets.


Partner since 2009, IKEA – the largest furniture company in the world – is a great example of the level of commitment and quality that Três Irmãos has always adopted in its business, which has been promoting a sustainable and important growth of 15% per year since 2015 which drives us to seek new challenges in the certainty that respect for the customer and other stackholders is the key to our success.


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