Três irmãos has been investing in a verticalized production process

In the constant search for continuous improvement, competitiveness and quality assurance in its products, Três Irmãos has been advancing its vertical integration strategy over the years.

The company also acquired in 2016 its sawmill, located in Caçador – SC, one of the regions with the largest pine plantation per m2 in the world, which is responsible for 100% of the wood supply to the factories. The sawmill has laboratories specialized in quality and resistance tests, in addition to strict controls and constant monitoring of the wood drying process. This unit processes around 15 thousand tons of wood per month, with a production process certified by the FSC. Next to the sawmill we have the factory responsible for the production of panels, which has modern machinery that classifies and optimizes the cutting of the lamels in order to have a better use of wood.

All raw materials acquired by Três Irmãos are monitored, ensuring the use of reforested wood, respecting the company’s code of conduct. In a new stage in the vertical integration of our processes, Três irmãos have been investing in their own forests that in a few years will be able to supply the company’s wood needs.


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